EVOLUT. Antibacterial products of new generation

In May 2015, Russian project EVOLUT launched a line of antibacterial hygiene products and household chemical goods. The basic substance is silver nanoparticles modified by an organic molecule in order to strengthen the effect on different surfaces.

Silver is an eco-friendly antiseptic used by people from ancient times. Advanced technologies make it possible to use this metal in the form of tiny little particles. They are able to make an antibacterial effect 1000 times more effective than the same amount of massive metal.

The use of Silver nanoparticles is a new method in the fight against bacteria and germs in comparison with antibiotics and antibacterial agents. Bacteria are unable to develop protection against silver nanoparticles. This peculiarity reduces the need for the use of antibiotics, and therefore, it makes the threat of developing antibiotic resistant bacteria lower.

The project was launched by the Russian innovative company “M9”, which specializes in metal nanoparticles production for different purposes. EVOLUT was developed as an example of accessibility and effectiveness of nanotechnologies.

The first antibacterial products with silver nanoparticles

A launch of a product range, which opens a new segment on the household chemical goods market; goods designed specially to fight evolved bacteria.

In May 2015, the project EVOLUT launched sales of the first limited edition of the antibacterial products with silver nanoparticles for a new generation. Cleansing Foam, Antibacterial Soap and Hand Foam were the first to sell.

The main component of the EVOLUT products is silver nanoparticle modified by an organic molecule in order to have additional properties. For instance, Hand Foam and Antibacterial Soap contain nanoparticles with the layer of the molecule, that gives a protective nanoscale cover. It protects our skin surface from bacteria for eight hours. Cleansing Foam contains silver nanoparticles covered with active components, which were produced from Altai herbs. These components support healthy skin, restore and heal it.

The whole set of EVOLUT products will include hygiene and health products, and also household cleaning products.

The prolonged active effect, lack of antibiotics and harmful antibacterial agents are the main peculiarities of EVOLUT products. While usually this means that it will stop working just after application because of the destruction of the main component, silver nanoparticles of EVOLUT products stay active up to three months, preventing bacteria and viruses from developing on the cleaned surfaces.

Ideology and values

EVOLUT makes an effort to live with nature in harmony, not to declare war but to reach an agreement, that, as we live on this planet too, we respect it and we ask it to respect us back. A long time ago man was a part of nature, lived with it in harmony and did not fear bacteria. Our immune system could fight them without difficulty.

In the course of time our paths separated and we became enemies. We built cities and marvels of engineering. We covered nature with concrete and asphalt. It is reasonable that nature started exploring new areas and developing in new conditions. Evolved bacteria has caused all epidemics and most of the diseases.

Antibiotics were supposed to solve the problem of diseases, but evolution would never let them do that. Bacteria adapted to todays remedies and became even more dangerous. It is time to understand that it is useless to struggle against nature. But we can make an agreement using a common language.

It is a well-known fact that bacteria do not develop in the areas where silver is. They simply choose another accommodation. We use that phenomena in order to show nature that we need our own clean place with no threat nearby.

Mankind declared a war with bacteria, considering them as a source of trouble. But we do not take into consideration that they are older than us. They evolve and adapt to the environment much more easily than we do.

Products costs

Unique, advanced and cutting-edge products are not always expensive. We plan to lower costs of our products and keep them at a reasonable price. Today there is only one analogue of one EVOLUT product. It is the most expensive soap in the world, which costs $120 and weighs 120gr. And this is not what it is called a mainstream product. EVOLUT seeks to make protection from bacteria popular and affordable.

Now our product price is varied from $18 to $30. In the course of time as we boost our production volume, the price will be going down. We could find the balance between present low price and high quality of products due to the use of our own nanoparticles production.

The inventor is the Russian innovative company “M9”, which produces silver nanoparticles which surpass all world counterparts in fineness and price. Unique technologies that company uses allow us to produce metal nanoparticles, which are accessible to the mass market.

New way of skin clensing and protection

Our skin consists of several layers. It should be clean through all of them in order to be healthy. Silver nanoparticles of EVOLUT products get deep into thick layers of skin and clean out the bacteria. Bacteria and their vital activity products cause most health problems. In the contemporary world, we come across different terms. Most of them are not dangerous and can be eliminated by our immune system, but there are also those, which cause us discomfort. The problem is much bigger in big cities with a high percentage of tourists and foreign workers, who bring unusual microorganisms to their temporary place of accommodation.

These bacteria can settle on the human skin and in the body giving a lot of troubles, starting with little rashes and ending with serious infections and poisonings. Contact with different surfaces and droplet transmission are the main ways of their spreading. Therefore, it is necessary to have continuous protection, which prevent bacteria development on our skin and hands.

Silver nanoparticles are covered with a special molecule to give it this protection. In comparison with usual antibacterial products, which stop working just after application, silver nanoparticles are not deconstructed for a long time and are able to have an antibacterial effect for 8 hours.

Another danger comes from penetrating into the deep layers of skin. Bacteria get into thick layers of skin very often and develop there. This process causes acne and other rashes on the skin. Due to the tiny little silver nanoparticles, they are able to get into these thick layers of the skin and eradicate centers of bacterial growth. At the same time, nanoparticles are able to carry active components deep into the skin, which both nourish and tone.

EVOLUT is a way to live with nature in harmony and to keep evolving with it.

Household safety

Even a very clean house is not 100 percent clean. Surfaces of finishing and decoration are various; in their pinholes there are always bacteria, which are impossible to wash out with usual cleaners. Silver nanoparticles in the EVOLUT products are able to penetrate in the very tiny little pinholes and eliminate all known bacteria.

There are a lot of different surfaces in our houses, where a lot of varied bacteria settle. They spread throughout the room with dust, draught, and pets. Wet cleaning gives a feeling of surficial cleanliness, but it is impossible to achieve full cleanliness and bacteria protection with ordinary means.

The reason is that the most materials for surfaces finishing and room decoration are varied from pinholes and heights to cavities. Such a structure becomes a good shelter for bacteria and viruses, which is inaccessible for cleaners.

EVOLUT nanoparticles are smaller in size and there is no problem in getting into those pinholes. They eradicate bacteria and attach to the surface preventing another from appearing. Nanoparticles can stay active for up to three months, maintaining your houses safety and cleanliness.


EVOLUT is a product designed by an innovative Russian company, which consists of experts in chemistry, biology, design, marketing and production. We are young scientists; we produce a unique product which helps people in their everyday life. Our team consists of professionals in their areas, who are aware, that the product should be effective, easy-to-use, practical and long-lasting. We are dealing with fundamental aspects of chemistry and apply our knowledge to the creation of unique products, which are able to solve pressing problems in the best way.

In our research, we aim to collaborate with professionals in their spheres and with their effort we make a truly effective, safe and high-quality product. We engage ecologists and microbiologists from the Institute of Ecology of Volga basin RAS in our work. We cooperate with a Russian manufacturer of organic products, who does not use any synthetical components.

While producing our goods, we think about its effective features, easy-to-use properties, and good looking design. That is the reason why we do not create antibacterial products for various household purposes in each market segment. We are creating our own segment of organic products, that protect from bacteria.

According to our values we designed Antibacterial Soap with a good-looking shape, we created long-lasting foam. We are going to make products which solve problems in the most efficient way for each particular situation.

We do not use harmful substances, fragrances and dyes because a really good product should not contain them.