Why do we 
fight against

Bacteria and Humans
Bacteria are the basic lifeforms on our planet; they represent the most ancient type of living organisms; our life began from them. Bacteria evolve faster than other lifeforms. They live in symbiotic relations with plants and animals and participate in the process of life. However, bacteria are not always friendly and good as they are the reason of the most diseases.

A human being always tries to avoid harmful effect from bacteria. At the beginning of the 20th-century antibiotics and antibacterial agents was invented, which seemed to solve the problem. But through the time bacteria adapted to that substances. Nowadays antibiotics are ineffective and cause more damage than good.

Other substances are needed in order to fight bacteria in a different way. Silver nanoparticles successfully cope with this task. Our company's research and research laboratories over the world prove, that bacteria unable to produce protective mechanisms against silver nanoparticles.
650 types
Of the most dangerous pathogens are eliminated by silver nanoparticles
5 minutes
Is all EVOLUT needs to destroy all bacteria on the skin
8 hours
Of continual bacterial protection from EVOLUT after application
3000 years
And even more people are using silver as antibacterial protection
What are silver nanoparticles?
Man knew of the antibecterial effect of silver long before modern medicine and microbiology appeared. It was used in order to decontaminate the water in wells; people drank water out of silver jugs during epidemics, they also made silver compresses. The fact that during those manipulations bacteria were not able to adapt to silver through all this time gives even more proof that silver is highly effective as an antibacterial means.

Nanoparticles are small crystals formed from silver atoms. Properties of silver in this form are much more intense due to the fact that most atoms of the crystal are located on its surface. These very atoms provide the antibacterial effect.

Therefore by using silver in the form of nanoparticles, we increase the effect of its antibacterial properties by a factor of ten.
The small size of the nanoparticles gives us an opportunity to use them as a part of antibacterial cleaners with organic components, without using antibiotics or other synthetic antibacterial agents.
How do silver nanoparticle work?
Most of the antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents oppress the vital function of bacteria. Getting into it, they function as the toxin, poisoning it and causing its destruction. Due to that mechanism bacteria produce the way of protection. They prevent penetration of the toxin and neutralizing it with the help of special substances.

Silver nanoparticles function in a different way. They destroy the cell wall of a bacterium and cause its instant physical destruction, but not it's toxic poisoning. This method does not give a bacterium an opportunity to adapt and produce the protection mechanism and pass it on to the next generation.
How do we produce EVOLUT products?



Silver nanoparticles are active substances, which seek to react with any nearby molecule. To prevent oxidation and destruction of a nanoparticle, it should be covered with stabilizer, which keeps it from an undesirable reaction. Hygiene products have a very complex formula and it is utterly important to keep nanoparticles stabilized.

We developed a special stabilizing composition, which prevents silver nanoparticles from reaction with other components. What is significant about the products is that organic components are included, which do not interfere with nanoparticles.




Producing hygiene products is a technologically complex process. In the case of EVOLUT, the task becomes complicated because it is necessary to add nanoparticles in a proper and accurate way in order to keep them safe. We adhere to specifications and constantly control the quality of starting material and final product.

The basic components and silver nanoparticles are produced from natural products. They do not contain oil-refining products, harmful or toxic substances.



The natural color of silver nanoparticles, and its distinguishing feature, is its amber orange color. Due to fundamental physical reasons they cannot have metallic look. Quantum effects on the surface of the nanoparticles creates an illusion of amber color.

We do not use dyes or other cosmetic components in order to keep the color. You can evaluate the product quality just by looking at it. Having areas or spot with different colors indicates a defect or falsification.